About Us

Whether the solution is simple or complex, we know that technology doesn’t have to be complicated to be powerful.

Medical School Information Services (MSIS) works in partnership with UMHS faculty, staff, and students to provide innovative information services that advance the future of healthcare through discovery, lifelong learning, and the delivery of clinical care. MSIS is uniquely positioned to understand our customers’ needs. Every day we help our customers to create, teach, and use information effectively through the delivery of services, technology, consulting, training, and support. 

Support for Teaching and Learning

MSIS provides support for virtually every step in the medical education lifecycle across the Medical School and Health System, from student applicants to completing mandatories on through professional development. Learners include faculty, staff, clinical providers, patients, students, and members of our global community. We employ innovative design and development processes, engaging staff and faculty as true partners in developing and deploying services that support lifelong learning. Support for learning is embedded in all of the information environments that people use, including patient portals, patient care delivery systems, the research data warehouse, library interfaces, course management systems, learning management systems, and beyond. MSIS is playing a key role in the Curriculum Strategic Planning initiative that is designing and deploying a new curriculum for undergraduate medical education — creating a portfolio that adds value to the student experience beyond the classroom.

Support for Research

Research efforts across UMHS thrive as a result of support, partnership, and collaboration with MSIS. By providing research infrastructure, enterprise services, and enabling lab support and informatics — MSIS is delivering services and using data in ways that make meaningful contributions to research. MSIS is defining an architectural framework and providing a portfolio of services in support of UMHS research programs and the learning health system. Our goal is to increase information availability and accessibility across systems, provide more consistent access to data and information across our organization, guide projects toward investments in common systems and infrastructure, and maintain flexibility and adaptability to research and IT advances and policy changes.

Support for Clinical Care

MSIS supports the Health System in its goal to create the ideal patient care experience. Working in partnership with Medical Center Information Technology (MCIT), we are helping the Health System leverage technology in ways that improve quality, access, effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of clinical care — ultimately resulting in better care for our patients. MSIS services, from mobile devices to enterprise-wide systems, support and transform healthcare delivery and enhance decision-making at the point of care across our Health System. MSIS anticipates advances in technology, making recommendations when and where these technologies can be used to optimize the overall process and delivery of excellent health care.

MSIS Directors

Ted Hanss, Associate CIO, UMHS

Jim Behm, Software Delivery

John Brussolo, Research IT

Mary Hill, Data Management Services

Sam Keith, Michigan MultiMedia

Jasna Markovac, Learning Design & Publishing

Michele Meissner, MLearning

Gary Nichols, Solutions Center

Johmarx Patton, Learning Informatics

Michael Warden, Performance & Improvement Management

Organizational charts for Medical School administrative units, including MSIS, are available on the MSA intranet (U-M login required).