Wired and wireless access changes under way. Are you prepared?

February 14, 2017

What is changing?

AirWatch Wired Wireless - Click to Enlarge

Network Admission Controls will be enabled over the course of this year for devices connecting to the wired and wireless networks. This is part of the effort Dr. Runge announced to increase the security of our Michigan Medicine network connections.

For more information, visit michmed.org/nac or contact the Service Desk: 734-936-8000, option 9.

Beginning April 27, 2017 access to the secure wireless network – UMHS-8021X will only be accessible to:

Over the course of 2017, access to the wired network will only be available to CoreImage computers and those personal devices enrolled in AirWatch.


How do I know if my personal computer is enrolled in AirWatch?

Use the search feature on your mobile device or computer to locate the AirWatch software.

How do I know if my computer is already on the CoreImage?

Core workstations are assigned a unique eight character terminal ID (TermID). Generally, Core workstations have a physical tag attached to the outside of the computer featuring the TermID. More info


Start Here

1. Identify
Do you have a desktop/laptop provided to you by your Michigan Medicine department?
    • Michigan Medicine-provided desktops and laptops require the CoreImage.
    • Personal devices that want access to the UMHS-8021x wireless network must enroll in AirWatch. Enrolling can be done through self-service or HITS can assist. Visit one of our Help Me Now locations or pop-up clinics in your area.

    2. Prepare

      • Contact us!
        Email inventory@msis.zendesk.com and we will help you prepare for your computer migration to the CoreImage.
      • Check your storage
        Having under 50 GB of data stored on your computer will help minimize the time it takes to migrate your computer to the CoreImage.
      • Back up your device (recommended)
        It is recommended that you back up your device whether you are installing AirWatch on your personal device or preparing to migrate your computer to the CoreImage. While we will back up and restore the data on your computer, it is a good idea to make a copy. U-M Box has unlimited data storage available and is safe for sensitive and regulated data.

      3. Schedule

          1. Run a preparatory inventory tool on your computer.
          2. Identify anything unique about your setup (Linux device, runs data process for longer than 24 hours, connected to research equipment, etc.)
          3. Schedule a time for your computer migration.


        What does it mean to reimage my computer?

        Once you prepare and schedule your computer migration, one of our staff will back up the data stored on your computer. Reimaging the computer includes installation of basic management tools that allow your computer to receive software and security updates. The process timing varies depending on the complexity of your setup and the amount of data stored on your device. It could take as few as four hours or up to a few days to complete. Loaner computers may be available upon request.

        What does the CoreImage look like? What will be different?

        There are a few changes you will notice -

        • You will be required to log in using your uniqname and Level-2 password.
        • Your computer will restart every night to install software and security updates. This can be delayed upon request. Laptops will receive maintenance updates when reconnected to the network.
        • Standard software will be installed, including the Microsoft Office suite.


        Need Help?

        Contact the Service Desk: 734-936-8000, option 9.