Axiom: Secure, High-Performance Computing

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Axiom: Secure, High-Performance Computing

The Axiom cluster is a Medical School-only computational resource. It adapts a "condominium model" for delivering computation to researchers. The Medical School provides the infrastructure to support researchers' compute nodes.

Is Axiom the Right Solution for Me?

MSIS staff are happy to meet with you to understand your research needs. We'll take your plans and ideas, and then work with the technologists within the University of Michigan's Advanced Research Computing group to determine the feasibility of using the Flux Environment for your project.

Generally, researchers who are working with Protected Health Information (PHI) or who would like to work with exotic hardware configurations (FPGAs or certain configurations of co-processors) that Flux does not currently support are added to Axiom.

What Are the Costs?

Axiom is a "condo" model. Researchers pay for the hardware associated with the computing nodes themselves, and the software that supports their specific program. The Medical School covers costs for the server room infrastructure, and for staff support.

MSIS buys components for Axiom from two vendors. Commodity components are purchased from HP, based on a list of specific preferred model types and memory configurations. Non-standard configurations are purchased from Advanced HPC if HP doesn't carry a proper solution. We do not buy from other second-tier vendors, unless solutions aren't available from our preferred vendors.

Is This Service Appropriate for Sensitive Information?


Be sure to consult with MSIS first about compliance considerations for your data.