Book and Journal Publishing

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Book and Journal Publishing

The Learning Design & Publishing Team can help you maximize the visibility and effectiveness of your work across global channels including journals, books, textbooks, and conference proceedings. 

Deciding How, Where, and When to Publish

Publications are critical to career growth and are viewed as a measurement of productivity. The quality of your publications is just as important as the number of articles, chapters, and books you publish.

Publications are critical in obtaining, securing, and maintaining funding for your research. Funding bodies want to see that you are capable of doing the work you are proposing and that there are measurable results from the funded work. Arguably, publications are the best metric we have and a publications record is by far the most common yardstick used in evaluating a researcher. Maximizing the effectiveness of your research results through well-positioned, high-visibility publications can be a key component to your professional development.

Learning Design & Publishing can help you identify your publication goals and then assist in finding the best publication vehicles for your content. We can help you:

  • Help you establish your goals for the publication of your book
  • Choose the best format for your work
  • Find the best journal for your research
  • Discuss traditional book publishing and self-publishing options
  • Launch a new journal or take on an existing journal
  • Publish academic conference proceedings
  • Publish your teaching materials

Contract Negotiation

Do you know how to secure the most attractive terms in order to achieve your desired publishing goals? Let us guide you in clarifying and achieving them. Do you know your rights as an author? What about the rights of the institution or repository? We can advise you on retaining copyright and allowing maximal freedom to use your material. We can also help you follow publishing requirements of funding agencies.