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A medical data omnibus for the UMHS research data strategy.

Why use MedBus?

Medical researchers are faced with a complex and changing data landscape.

  • Disparate data silos
  • Distinct data storage systems
  • Distributed data owners
  • Dynamic unstructured data with high volume, variety, and velocity

How can MedBus Help?

The MedBus Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) contributes to the MSIS Research IT strategic goal of building and deploying federated data integration services. These integration services are being developed as part of a broader Research Data Strategy Architecture.

A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework for data federation provides a simplified and flexible connection to research data sources.

  • Facilitates data discovery
  • Increases data interoperability
  • Leverages existing domain specific talent and knowledge
  • Accelerates alignment of IT resources to shifting research needs