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U-M staff and faculty

MLearning is a web-based education tracking and assessment tool for UMHS faculty and staff. The MLearning system allows faculty and staff to participate in educational activities and for managers to schedule learning, to monitor completion and to assess competencies. 

What is MLearning?

MLearning provides information on UMHS mandatory learning requirements, which are generally applicable across the entire Health System.

Managers can use this information as a guide to help their employees stay current and compliant with UMHS initiatives, systems, and processes.

Benefits of MLearning

Virtually all UMHS faculty and staff can benefit from MLearning. Faculty and staff enroll in and complete courses for professional development, training, and job-specific competencies.

Modules exist for basic health, safety and compliance, as well as role- and department-specific learning.

MLearning allows managers and facilitators to schedule, measure and track learning and competencies.

Custom modules can be developed in support of specific departmental activities and initiatives, as well.

How Do I Get Started?

You can log in with your Level 2 password at

To access MLearning from outside the UMHS network, use the Level 1 Gateway.

MLearning provides extensive help in the form of FAQs, tutorials, as well as extensive teaching and learning resources for those who want to create their own educational materials.

Development services are available for free to UMHS departments. For more information, contact MLearning at or 734-615-5146.