Publishing Services and Consulting

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Publishing Services and Consulting

Trying to decide how to best showcase your work? The MSIS Learning Design & Publishing team can help you choose the best journal or book, answer questions about copyright, advise on Open Access options, and provide training.

Consulting Services

Scientific and medical publishing is in a very dynamic state — things are changing rapidly — and that provides for new and exciting opportunities to maximize the visibility and distribution of scientific and medical information.

The migration of print publications to the electronic environment has led to many new initiatives, with many more underway. As publishing moves away from the traditional book and journal formats, the content itself becomes much more important than the vehicle by which it is published. This provides authors with more opportunities to disseminate content and data in novel ways.

MSIS Learning Design & Publishing can help you:

  • Decide how to publish, where to publish, even whether to publish.
  • Help you choose the best vehicle for maximum visibility and distribution of your content.
  • Provide a wide range of project management and editorial services.
  • Advise on Open Access publishing options
  • Answer your questions about copyright.


Project Management

We also provide project management for a wide range of initiatives, including large multi-dimensional publishing ventures, databases, information communities, and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

Workshops and Training

We host workshops and training sessions several times each year. Topics covered include deciding where to publish your research and your clinical studies, publishing textbooks on a web site with interactive features, and organizing an information community to promote your department’s clinical and research activities. Follow this link to see slides from one of these sessions: Taking Advantage of Trends and Opportunities in Science and Medical Publishing.

Editorial Services

MSIS Learning Design & Publishing can help faculty, staff, and students develop content for publication. For electronic references, we can fill a managing editor role or serve as a publisher liaison. If you're a journal editor, we can provide management services for existing journals, as well as for start-ups.